1º  L.L.C Globe Program (20/5-27/5-2018)

The first L.L.C Globe Program took place in May 2018, with expatriate groups living in Stuttgart, Germany.

Specifically from 20/5 until 27/5, forty people (parents and children) lived a full and unforgettable week.

The events were many and the days were played with many and pleasant performances.

Early workouts at an indoor gym in Glyfada and guest speakers of distinguished athletes, afternoon races with Panathinaikos, Olympiakos, Peristeri and Faliro RPG and creating friendly relations with rival athletes, watching A1 men matches and getting acquainted with several well-known basketball players, touring archaeological sites and walks in the center of Athens, moments of relaxation and enjoyment on the beach of Varkiza and wine tasting of several dishes of Greek cuisine, ran for a week with loud c strong emotions from everyone .Prospathisame to do as much and could be ” had enough ” Greece.

We want to believe that this week’s stay and experience has been deeply engraved in most.

See you again…